How I Became a 6 figure Copywriter in 90 days (with zero experience)

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Steps to a simple 6 figure writing business.

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Now I don’t want this to come off as easy or like anybody could achieve this…

but by following what I’m about to say there’s no reason why you couldn’t achieve the same and become a 6 figure copywriter within the next 90 days…. or atleast make a couple thousand bucks.

First a little about me and what exactly a copywriter is…

A copywriter is someone who writes persuasive copy for a business.

Think sales pages, social media post, emails, billboards, facebook ads… anything when you want a person to perform an action and you need words to persuade them there is a copywriter behind it.

Funny thing is I never heard of the word copywriter outside of what people usually confuse one for a copyright(er) which is totally different, and nowhere near as profitable!

So a little back story of how I fell upon what I believe to be one of the most profitable side hustles or full time businesses anyone could start (with no background, no experience, no education…)

For years I ran a string of satirical websites, and affiliate websites that were totally dependent upon facebook fanpages, and sponsored post.

Within 3 months of launching my first of those sites ( I was generating $40,000 per month and at its highest $50K plus per month barely working — writing maybe 3 times per week…

The rest of the time partying, at the strip club, taking trips and doing whatever to get rid of the money just as fast as I was spending it.

But all good things come to an end..

Because, around this time Facebook was making their first of soon to be many algorithm changes and I quickly went from $50k monthly to $30k, to $10k to this shit ain’t worth doing anymore…

All because I put all my eggs in the social media basket and got BURNED… and not just me.

Many other businesses went form 100,000’s of people seeing their post to literally a couple thousand over the span of months. Which mean revenue tanked all around the internet

And from that day forward I said I only wanted to start recession proof, social media proof, a business where I completely owned my audience and nobody could take it away…

That’s when I started to study night and day on “these” type of businesses, and the only business that I realized was not susceptible to the social media madness was an email marketing business.

A business where you owned the list and as long as you treated them right… they’d support you and for a lack of a better words, become your personal ATM!

So first thing I did was look for ways to get better at email marketing and that’s when I discovered copywriting…

Email copywriting to be exact and, quickly found that businesses pay $100’s of dollars for a single email and I wanted in on that!

Next I googled and found everything I could about email copywriting and how to get good at it FAST and get clients even faster.

From most of the things I found they were outdated, telling me to do things like networking…

or too time consuming for the little bit of money you’d get like prospecting on Upwork…

or trolling around in Facebook groups just to get your post deleted or marked as SPAM

So I thought about something I’d learned from a Sam Ovens course and that was people pay for you solving their problems and taking them from their current state to their desired state!

And when it came to copywriting it was no different.

A business looking for a copywriter (an email copywriter to be exact) current situation is (they have emails, but don’t know how to write emails, or have written emails that didn’t make money, or simply don’t have time to write or don’t believe their capable of writing, business depends completely on social media, or advertising and they’ve also been burnt by not completely owning their audience)


Their desired situation is (making consistent money from emails, having an email list full of hungry buyers, not worrying about facebook going down or IG going down, because they have a list of buyers they can email anytime and withdraw money… like an ATM)

So instead of focusing on applying for copywriting jobs on boards, or freelancing and creating proposals until my eyes fell out.. I focused on aligning my email copywriting with the actual problems that these businesses faced (current state) and how my emails would solve these problems (put them in their desired states)

….so I focused my email copywriting on Authors and Ecomm stores. Another thing I learned from Sam Ovens to niche down.

Not tryna be a everything copywriter. And not just an email copywriter. But an email copywriter for Authors and Ecomm stores.

Authors, because after they launch a book and make big sales the following months are dead…

An active list full of readers that they could email daily and make consistent sales day in and day out

and when their next book was ready to launch they could email that list daily and make consistent sales day in and day out…

Never relying on Amazon or some big book publisher

AND ecommerce stores who rely 100% on Facebook, Instagram, or influencer marketing to power their stores and the only time they send emails is during holidays or during special sales…

They’re basically a social media blackout …from being out of business.

But having a list full of hungry buyers ready to buy their new products if they just new how to email them daily

and BOOM…no more relying on social media to drive sales, and consistent sales.

So I reverse engineered my goal for this new business which was to hit $10k in monthly recurring income ($120,000 per year)

Write 3 emails per day. Then enjoy the rest of my life.

But the current way most email copywriting is priced didn’t work for me and luckily it didn’t, because it’s what helped me grow the business fast and get clients signed up even faster.

So I went on instagram and created an excel sheet of all ecommerce stores and all authors that met a certain criteria (follower count, engagement, etc) and had them fill out a questionnaire before speaking with them on the phone (to make sure they had an email list)

I then created a list of problems they all faced and made it the subject line of my cold emails to them. Which were fairly simple.

Some were based around social media algorithms causing a hit to their business, and others were based on the potential of letting me do their email marketing (an extra 10–30% to their monthly income), and some were about their favorite thing …getting order alerts hitting their inbox every time a customer bought something!

Keep in mind within these cold emails I never revealed what I would do. Just the outcome of me doing it and the current problems they faced. Which built the curiosity.

I mentioned how I’d tested it on friends stores (friends let you test potentially money making things for free and then you use their results as social proof) and before rolling it out as a business I wanted to share it with a few other store owners and authors and see if they got similar results. Left a link to my calendly at the end for them to schedule a free 15 minute call.

Out of the first 10 I emailed. 2 replied.

As I refined my offer and wording for every 10 a little more replied. Which is basically what copywriting is.

It saves a business time and money, because good copy can take your reply rate from every 10 emails 1 reply to for every 10 emails 3 reply. Which triples your chance of landing a new client with no added advertising cost or time.

I then would get on these scheduled calls and explain exactly what to do with their email list to get these results I’ve got for friends, and then would ask them does it sound helpful and if they felt like they needed help doing it!

Most said yes they would do it and many said they would want my help doing it.

I made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.

I would do it 100% FREE.

Only thing they had to do was pay me a percentage of whatever I added to their monthly revenue.

This is risky, but in the long run I make much more money, because it’s basically like a royalty and incentive for me to get better at writing. The more I make them. The more I make me.

After signing up 3 clients I then decided to require a refundable setup fee upfront. Just in case they decided not to pay me my percentage, but once they earned money they could keep whatever setup fee they paid out of my percentage, before they started to pay me my future royalty.

Worked like a charm and before you know it I had hit my goal of 10 clients and started earning more than $15,000 per month within 2 months of learning about what a copywriter was, and becoming one.


If you read about copywriting you will see they say it takes years to earn 6 figures and you have to jump through all sorts of hoops, and read every book, and copy sales copy by hand….

I did none of that.

I simply looked at what problems these businesses faced. Positioned my copy writing service to solve these problems. Made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.

Now I’m in the process of turning my email copywriting service into a do it yourself course for online entrepreneurs and product sellers to learn how to write emails that sell like HELL.

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P.S. In the comments feel free to ask any questions you have about becoming a copywriter, or copywriting in general, and I will answer them!



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