Forget Everything You’ve Learned About Starting a Business (Do This Instead)

Fredrickus Williford
4 min readDec 10, 2020

What business guru’s never tell you about starting an online business

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For a second let’s act is if you somehow hit your head, and forgot every single thing you’ve ever learned about business (you’ll still remember your mom, dad, and the person you awkwardly lost your virginity to, only the business stuff you forgot)


Because most of what you learned while well-intended was probably DEAD WRONG!

Well-intended like the billionaire app creator on CNBC who says “I don’t do it for money. I do it, because I’m passionate”

They say this …several billions later!

He meant well, but when you’re broke, and hungry, and the bills need paid the last thing you can think about is passion…

I say this, because I’m guilty of it NOW.

Now that I have a successful email copywriting agency. I sometimes (until I mentally slap my mouth shut) would spew this same shit to soon to be business folks…

All of this while again, well-intended. Gets you nowhere as a business beginner.

It’s no different then the 1000’s of advice givers on youtube, facebook, twitter, and beyond that spew business logic they found on youtube, facebook, twitter and beyond, but have never put in practice, because while (some of) it can work you’ll just end up hating business in the long run…

Because it’s simply the blind leading the blind.

Most Youtubers, and Facebook, Instagram advice givers have never been on the road they’re advising you to travel. Only what they verbally regurgitate through your smartphone screen.


Most successful business people are so far gone from where they’ve begin the idea of what you should do when getting started is drastically blurred and a distant memory they long forgotten. So don’t listen.

AND, so you should instead do what I advise below…


It all started on Facebook (yes I still use Facebook. I’m old, and snapchat, and tik tok makes me feel like the creepy uncle so, no thank you!)

…a couple of days ago a Friend posted to a business group the question “Do you buy from businesses without a website”

To which I confidently not cockily responded “I regularly sale $5,000 packages MONTH IN and MONTH OUT with NO website and have been doing so for the last 3 years…”

And so many people we’re intrigued it got me thinking deeper on my 15 PLUS years of business of how whenever I wanted to start something I never did it how most Google and Youtube newbie’s or business guru’s said you SHOULD do it, because it’s the politically correct (and, slow/painful) way to do it..

So to answer his question, YES it’s very possible to start a VERY successful business without a website in this day and age.

You also do not need to focus on any of the following when starting out:

  • Business cards... NOPE
  • Big Social media following… NOPE
  • Fancy business entity (LLC/INC)… NOPE
  • Fancy logo/website … NOPE

All of this creates procrastination and tricks you out of JUST getting started on the most important part of the business puzzle….

GETTING A PAYING CUSTOMER by way of a repeatable process that generates leads to your business day in and day out; Which is truly all you need to start and grow a business.

And you should continue to do the above until you are damn sure you have a valid business idea and can continuously get results. Before spending any money or time doing any of the above fancies!

Now all of that other stuff has it’s place, but one thing for sure to call yourself a business you need a customer, that’s willing to invest in your service, and you can deliver results on that service consistently.

ALL the other sh*t is just putting icing on a cake that isn’t baked.

In order to get your business cake baked. You must first solve an urgent problem. That’s it. Solve a burning problem that a business or person has. Create a minimum viable version of this solution. Present it to people who have the problem, but never describe the solution/product as it is; Instead show them what life looks like AFTER they invest in your product and the benefits of taking action by way of buying it.

Did they buy? No! Go back to the drawing board.

Create another solution.

Did they buy? Yes!

Now find that repeatable process I mentioned above that brings you leads day in and day out until you hit your business goals.

That’s it.

Most people won’t tell you this, because for some reason they want entrepreneurship to look like this beautiful walk in the park with lambo’s and private jet’s; When it’s really a scary movie with Jason walking slowly behind you, but somehow he keeps catching up every time you trip over a loose branch, then stabbing you to death. Making you regret ever taking a walk in that lonely park called entrepreneurship.

Basically I’ve done this process over the last 15 years.

With every business I’ve started. I grew my latest venture (email copywriting agency) to $10K in the first month, before I ever did ANY of the above and to this day (at $10K+ per week) I still have no website or any of the other things.

I simply solve a problem. Businesses pay me to continue doing so. Only thing I usually add is the fancy business entity, because Uncle Sam’s gonna’ get his slice of your American dream pie one way or another, and I’d rather pay him the least amount possible.

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