What business guru’s never tell you about starting an online business

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For a second let’s act is if you somehow hit your head, and forgot every single thing you’ve ever learned about business (you’ll still remember your mom, dad, and the person you awkwardly lost your virginity to, only the business stuff you forgot)


Because most of what you learned while well-intended was probably DEAD WRONG!

Well-intended like the billionaire app creator on CNBC who says “I don’t do it for money. I do it, because I’m passionate”

They say this …several billions later!

He meant well, but when you’re…

Steps to a simple 6 figure writing business.

Photo by Fredrickus Williford

Now I don’t want this to come off as easy or like anybody could achieve this…

but by following what I’m about to say there’s no reason why you couldn’t achieve the same and become a 6 figure copywriter within the next 90 days…. or atleast make a couple thousand bucks.

First a little about me and what exactly a copywriter is…

A copywriter is someone who writes persuasive copy for a business.

Think sales pages, social media post, emails, billboards, facebook ads… anything when you want a person to perform an…

How I Made $20,000 Dollars in One Day From Russell Simmons

“I’m Wiring $20,000 to your bank account soon as the plane lands if you accept my offer” I remember reading that email as a 21 year old and thinking “Nigga we made it!”. Wasn’t no we, but I didn’t want to just share that moment with myself.

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I use to watch Run’s…

Fredrickus Williford

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